There are a lot of silly and misleading fitness sites on the Web. Try a new exercise or weight-lifting regimen without proper instruction and you could injure yourself. These sites offer reasonable fitness programs, sound advice and access to credentialed trainers.

This fitness portal covers the gamut, with channels for Cardio, Running, Cycling, Tennis and Walking. Nutritional guides, customized exercise programs and tips for skiing are just some of the offerings. Daily workouts link to step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations. The Healthy Living Portal offers an annotated guide to thousands of more specialized Websites, such as one devoted to fitness for seniors.
A site devoted to fostering community in more than 40 individual and team sports, from baseball to water polo. Hook up with local leagues, search for sporting events in your area or register for prefab or customized training programs for swimming, cycling or running.

A resource-rich fitness portal. Articles, how-to videos and other content cover more than 25 activities ranging from racquet sports to martial arts. Online store offers a wide array of discounted sports and fitness equipment .
The standout here is an extensive library that includes hundreds of exercise and workout programs designed by certified trainers. Specialized categories include Muscle Development, Cardiovascular Conditioning and Post Rehabilitation.