The New Rules of Web Hiring

When launched in 1994, the jobs website contained just a few hundred postings, nearly all of which sought tech workers. Today, job supersites like and along with, host hundreds of thousands of listings for everything from marine mechanic to molecular biologist. But in a job market that is only beginning to warm up, these sites can start to feel to worm up, these sites can start to feel like dark voids where resumes go in and offers seldom come out. Monster alone receives 40,000 new resumes a day.

Layoffs associated with the dot-com bust have made job sites a popular Web destination. Use these sites to scan openings, check salaries and get your resume in front of hundreds of employers without ever leaving your desk. - Laura Roe Stevens
Monster acquired JobTrak, so it now provides jobs and resume databases for more then 1,000 university career centers. There is an impressive research section where you can pull up profiles of thousands of companies. Monstermoving division offers relocation services.

Owned by Tribune and Knight Ridder, this network of 75 career sites is easily navigable. The Layoff Survival Kit suggests that if you get fired you should be honest about it in an interview, but you shouldn't voluntieer information.
This recently redesigned site has more than 79,000 tech job postings from 6,800 employers nationwide.
Once you find a job, use the salary calculator, powered by, to figure how much you should be paid.

Afraid your boss will find out you're job hunting? HotJobs' HotBlock technology lets job seekers control which employers see their resumes. Search through thousands of jobs by company name, keyword and location.
Search through 12,000 jobs and research companies. But beware: A search for Viacom only returned details on its blockbuster division and with isn't even part of Viacom. There are hundreds of discussion boards and a section devoted.