Harvard Health Letter
Since 1975, this newsletter has offered advice on medical, fitness and nutritional issues. The December issue examined last year's most newsworthy health stories and also covered yoga, lactose intolerance and the nutritional benefits of fish. A one-year subscription is $32 (to order: 1-800-829-9045).

Johns Hopkins Medical Letter
This newsletter published by Johns Hopkins Medicine concentrates primarily on the common disease affecting baby boomers and their parents, including heart diseases affecting baby boomers and their parents, including heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Treatment options are discussed, sometimes in technical terms. Orthopedic issues receive regular attention, as do medical and health issues in the news. A recent issue included articles on scem cells, stroke prevention, hip replacement and drugs that lower cholesterol. A one-year subscription is $28 (to order: 386-447-6313).

Mayo Clinic Health Letter
Articles address a variety of medical conditions and often include colorful graphics that enhance the written material. They also tap into the expertise of the clinic's affiliated physicians. A recent issue included in-depth stories on colon polyps, the pros and cons of alcohol consumption and a new procedure that reduces excessive menstrual bleeding. Shorter items offered practical advice on flying with a cold and discussed the merits of extra-virgin olive oil. The price is $27 (to order: 1-800-333-9037).

Tufts University Health and Nutrition
Published since 1982, Tufts' newsletter is a dependable and up-to-date resource. Its easy-to-read articles are reviewed by experts from Tufts' School of Nutrition Science and Policy, which specializes in nutrition and the aging process. The December issue carried pieces on the Atkins Diet, "hidden" holiday calories, the latest research on testing for prostate cancer and diabetes monitoring. It also answered readers' questions about face creams and the safety of ground beef (1-800-274-7581).

University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter
This newsletter offers excellent nutritional, fitness and self care advice, and objective examinations of the pros and cons of the treatments and nutritional supplements it discusses. The November issue carried articles on the Portfolio diet, stroke prevention, the benefits of exercise balls, and the nutritional merits of evening primrose oil, squash, grapefruit, fish-oil pills and omega-3s in plants (386-447-6328).

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