Parenting is round-the-clock. Fortunately, so is the Web-whether you want to compare school district scores or find a top-flight adoption lawyer. In forums, you can learn what it's like to have a home birth, how to handle a lying teen or raise a gifted kid. - Cindy Schweich Handler

American Council for Drug Education
An informative, no-nonsense primer. Details the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and gives tips on how to talk to your kids about drugs-including their possile answers to frequently asked questions. Helpful facts on drugs like marijuana, hallucinogens, heroin and inhalants-what they are, how they're taken and what they do to the body.
An impressive resource bringing together families, educators and schools. Expert advice on education and child rearing, from encouraging early reading to maximizing opportunities for kids with ADHD. Teems with home learning ideas, like family book clubs, and tips, like how to help your child prep for standardized tests. Rich reference links like Infoseek for homework help. What Works offers tips from other parents.

Huge collection of age-appropriate article written by pediatricians from the Nemours Foundation. Kids can find advice on everything from nosebleeds to warts to tonsillitis. The Teen Channel covers topics they may not ask about out loud, like body maturation and depression. And parents learn how to keep their kids emotionally and physically healthy with a long list of topics ranging from infections to allergies to eating disorders.

LD Online
Informative articles on what causes learning disabilities, how to diagnose them and what to do next, including tips on negotiating with school administrators. There's a primer on commonly used terms, updates on recent legislation and educational findings, links to helpful organizations and an extensive national calendar of LD-related conferences and seminars.
The "mwt" in the URL is for Mothers Who Think. Not your usual parenting articles, these are thought-provoking, left-learning essays ranging from a controversial indictment of day care to an exploration of the perils of advaned paternity.

Screen It
Want to know if that PG-13 movie will give your child nightmares? This mom-and-pop team screens and deconstructs films in astounding detail, so you don't have to. An easy-reference grid rates problematic content, like blld/gore, sex/nudity and more. Reviews sum up why the film earned its rating, and then detail each and every objectionable element.