The risk of care for the average 59 year old male and a 54 year old female:

Chances I'll Enter A Nursing Home
Chances I'll Need Home Care
What Will All Of My Long-Term Care Cost?

Long-Term Care is the greatest health care risk that most Americans face. This care may be in your own home, assisted living communities or in a Nursing Home. The fact remains that the risk of needing extended care is GREATER THAN 50% That's at any point in our lives, but a Harvard University study said that "25% of Americans over age 50 are at a high risk of needing long term care services during the next 12 months."

The exploding growth in the need for long term care planning is a result of the change in demographics. One-third of all Americans (76 million people) were born between 1946 and 1964 - the so called baby boomers. We are on the average of the nations first senior boom. One in four people in this country are already over age 50.

This issue simply cannot be ignored. You have insured your home, care and hospital care. Why shouldn't you handle this risk the same way?

"Data from the National Long Term Care Survey and National Nursing Home Survey – per StrateCision, Inc. (Data funded U.S. National Institutes of Health).”