Why Act Now?

If you come to the conclusion that some level of insurance is needed, there are two reasons to act now.

First and foremost is the desire to protect your insurability. To own long term care coverage, you must health qualify. If your health changes, it could render you uninsurable for long term care insurance.

The second reason to act now is that the premium is based on the age that you apply. Simply put, the younger you are, the lower the premiums are. And the premiums are designed to be level year after year.

Why Do People By Long-Term Care Insurance?

People buy coverage for a variety of reasons. After considering the risk and consequences of NOT having adequate coverage, the overriding conclusion is that some level of coverage is better than none. Below are some common reasons for owning long term care coverage.

Concern about the high costs of long-term care being the leading cause of bankruptcy among seniors in America.
Wanting to preserve the lifestyle of the healthy spouse.
Not being a burden to my family.
Protecting my estate from being depleted. The assets we worked a lifetime to accumulate could be wiped out in a relatively short period of time.

Having the control and independence to choose a long-term care provided of my choice, especially one that my family is comfortable with.

Knowing that my health is good now. However, if my health changes, I may not be accepted for coverage.
Even though I never anticipate needing Long-Term Care, I have the peace of mind knowing that some or all of my assets are protected if I need care in the future.

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