"My Family Will Take Care Of Me At Home"

People in this category commonly and emphatically state, "If I need long term care, my family will take care of me at home."

When addressing people in this category, I do not cite facts. When it comes to making an important decision that will have a lasting effect on a person’s family, facts become useless and emotions take over. Is the reality of taking care of a disabled relative at home worth the emotional cost to the family?

When an elderly relative needs care at home, families must devote enormous time and energy to the task, often at considerable emotional and physical costs. Remember, chronic disabilities are long lasting illnesses requiring endless - and expensive - care. Family members are called upon to make great sacrifices and, at the same time, deal with unstable and confusing emotions of witnessing the physical decline of a loved one. The overall effect of this tragedy on a family can be devastating.

Put simply, providing long-term care to a disabled relative at home can bring with it huge emotional, physical and financial suffering. Does anyone want that for their loved ones?

Another factor of providing care at home has to do with logistics. For many, expecting a family member to take care of them in their declining years is simply not a reality. In this day and age, many families are dispersed hundreds of miles apart from each other. While family members may love each other dearly and see each other frequently, most of them would be forced to completely alter their entire lives to provide long term care to a relative at home.

The peace of mind that comes with quality long term home health care insurance goes beyond costs.

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