Why should I work with Marty or Don at Elder Care Associates, Inc.?

We are proud to have personally written over 3,000 long term care plans over the past 12 years. Long-Term Care Insurance is our ONLY business. The following are reasons why people choose to work with us.

We save people money. We are Independent Insurance Brokers/Producers representing many different Insurance Companies.

Independence. We represent the interest of the client. As Independent Insurance Representatives, we are not beholden to any one company and give objective advice.

We save people time. Why meet with 5 different agents who may or may not represent more than one company when you can meet with us.

Experience. We have experience over the past 10 years with people making claims on policies. We review what clients like and don't like about the coverage.

We listen. Each client has differing circumstances. We tailor a plan to your needs.

Respect. We know that Long-Term Care Coverage is not for everyone. We respect your decision.

If you think you would like to get more information please contact us.